Bye Bye Nokia 6.1

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My Nokia 6.1 was my first Android phone, after owning an iPhone 4 and two Windows Phones (HTC One M8, Lumia 950). I went with the 6.1 in April 2018 because it was a great midrange phone for the price, had the 1080p display, Android One, a perfect size (not too big), and a headphone jack. It’s served me well over the past two years, although it’s had its wonky moments; I remember the camera app being absolutely awful when the phone first came out, and now it’s slowing down and the battery life isn’t so good anymore. I wanted to stick with Nokia but unfortunately they’re not putting out any compelling midrange options, and based on the feedback of the Nokia subreddit, they seem to be going downhill. It’s a shame to see this happen to the Nokia brand yet again, especially after they were putting out such winners.

My Google Pixel 4a arrives tomorrow and I think it’ll be a great phone to move onto after my 6.1. It sounds like everything the Nokia 6.1 was in 2018, but designed for 2020.

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