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So a couple weeks ago I bought a Raspberry Pi 4b 8 GB with the intention of moving all my media and torrents over to it, as well as to serve as an IRC bouncer. My current set up consists of two external hard drives manged by Plex Media Server (one for music, one for movies and tv shows) and Deluge BitTorrent Client all set up on the Linux installation of my primary computer. This setup was a pain because of instances where I’d need to switch over to my Windows installation. I would lose access to all my media and my ~1500 torrents would stop seeding. I’ve also been paying $5 a month for the past two years to IRCCloud to maintain a constant connection to the dozens of IRC channels I’m in, and IRCCloud has a native Android app so I could talk while on the go.

Yesterday I finally started the process of moving 8 TB of video, 1 TB of music, and those ~1500 torrents over to my raspberry pi. As for the OS, I went with Raspbian. I started with setting up the Plex Media Server. I absolutely love Plex because it lets me build and organize my own personal Spotify and Netflix. My use case does not involve transcoding video streams over the internet, just direct streaming content to my living room, so the pi should be more than adequate for that. Plex makes the configuration super easy so everything was up and running in 30 minutes, and after a couple hours it had finished scanning all of my media.

I went with Transmission for my torrents instead of Deluge again. Transmission has a much more robust application set for remote management of my torrents. I’ve got transmission-daemon and transmission-web running so I can access the control panel from my home network.

After this I went about setting up ZNC and The Lounge. ZNC is an IRC “bouncer.” ZNC connects me 24/7 to the IRC servers I’m in, and then I use my IRC clients to connect to ZNC. I use weechat at home, and I wanted to use The Lounge in order to access my ZNC remotely. In order to maintain security, I set Nginx up as a reverse proxy for The Lounge, with TLS. This is much easier said than done as I’ve never done this before. I’m using a Noip subdomain to access my The Lounge away from home, and Certbot makes serving it securely incredibly easy with “certbot –nginx.” Unfortunately there’s not a lot of documentation for setting up The Lounge with Nginx so in my trial and error I was getting errors in Firefox like “PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR” and “SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG.” If I knew how I fixed it I’d document it here, but it mostly involved copying and pasting lines from the internet into my nginx reverse-proxy.conf file.

Finally, in order to maintain compatibility with my current setup, such as my desktop music player (Deadbeef), I set up two samba shares from the raspberry pi, one for Music and one for Video. I mounted these samba shares in the directory my external hard drives used to be mounted and set up fstab to automatically mount them.

Very productive day yesterday, one I’ve been putting off for a long time.

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