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After three years of using Manjaro on my desktop (in addition to Windows 10 and 11), I’ve made the switch to OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with GNOME. My initial impressions of it are great. Yast has been great so far, and it feels quite a bit more stable than Manjaro ever did.

I dabbled in OpenSUSE once before, over a decade ago, when I installed it from a live CD. At the time I was very inexperienced with Linux. I enjoyed distro-hopping around and tried out many distributions but I always returned to Ubuntu. Unfortunately, Ubuntu isn’t the distribution it once was, so I’ve been staying away from it.

Performance of OpenSUSE so far has been great, but I have one minor complaint: it seems like all of the servers are in Europe, so package updating is almost excruciatingly slow. With Manjaro, pacman was able to ping the five fastest servers and download from those. I haven’t figured out a way to do that with zypper yet.

Beyond that, my experience has been very positive. I highly recommend OpenSUSE to anyone looking to mix things up like I was!

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